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Product Development Manufacturing Community

We help build apparel, consumer product, and medical device brands.


Personalized consultation to develop your brand from start to finish. We can do as little or as much as you need.  


Community at The Hanger


Join our Community! We have an aggressive calendar of events scheduled, available resources, access to services, and a supporting environment to strategically market your name and products. 

Product Development


We have packages available based on your needs. Each one has a very focused agenda including patterning, digitizing, grading, and other various resources. 



Our specialty is in small batch manufacturing.  The team focuses on creating an environment of partnership.  We've created processes to help you focus on developing your brand.

“We are so fortunate to have found a local factory with the talent that BOOST has. The entire team is accommodating and understanding of deadlines and production schedules, which is invaluable. We plan to have a long and growing relationship together in making our garments!”